Natural Birth

Natural birth is a method of delivering a baby without relying on medication and other medical interventions.

When the baby is ready to come out, your cervix (opening of the womb) thins out and begins to widen (dilate) to about 10 cm. Contractions help the baby to move down the birth canal. This is described as intense pain and pressure that increases during the course of the delivery.

To aid in a pain-free delivery epidural blocks are available. Also analgesia such as Nitrous Oxide and oxygen, injections of strong pain relief and comfort measures are available. Some, pain medications may be associated with certain side effects such as nausea and drop in your blood pressure.

Some women choose to avoid pain relief during labour. Medical interventions such as episiotomy (surgical incision made between the vagina and anus to facilitate child birth) or foetal monitoring may be avoided. Labour pains are important indicators, as each contraction acts as a guide for the progression of labour and encourages the movement of your baby down the birth canal. Without pain, labour is more likely to slow down and become less effective. As labour proceeds and pain increases, the body produces endorphins, natural pain killers, which will help you, continue with the birthing process.

After delivery

You may feel exhausted after delivery, experience cramping in the uterus (especially during breastfeeding), and experience pain and discomfort in your vaginal area.

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